Secondary Market Activity

Elm Capital advises buyers and sellers in the secondary market for private equity limited partnership interests and direct investments in companies or portfolios of companies. We are an active intermediary and provider of liquidity for investors globally in a wide variety funds, including large and small-cap buyout, secondary buyout, venture capital, mezzanine funds and real estate funds. We are also active in helping investors in private companies generate liquidity by selling their stake or a portfolio of direct investments. Our proactive market participation gives us an exclusive and comprehensive perspective on pricing trends and market dynamics. We maintain weekly updated lists of buy and sell opportunities in the market and can provide prices on single funds and portfolios of funds upon request.

Secondary market approach:

Elm Capital approaches the secondary market with an organised and disciplined strategy of identifying buyers and sellers globally. We gather valuable pricing information from our market activities and maintain an updated database of prices and of investors interested in acquiring specific fund positions. Elm Capital’s activities in the primary market allow us to maintain regular dialogue with hundreds of end buyers and we also keep an active dialogue with most secondary funds. All our activities on the secondary market are conducted in the strictest confidentiality. We feel that we are therefore in the best position to find suitable buyers for specific positions for sale.

Elm Capital assists sellers of private equity interests on the following:

  • Ascertaining the appropriate portfolio or individual interests to offer for sale
  • Valuing fund interests based on the latest available portfolio company information
  • Determining the most appropriate method of approaching the market
  • Choosing the right investors to approach on the buy-side
  • Negotiating prices with potential buyers
  • Assisting with the documentation and transfer processes in order to close successful transactions

Elm Capital assists buyers of private equity interests on the following:

  • Sourcing specific fund interest from potential sellers in the market
  • Advising on market pricing for both individual and portfolios of interests
  • Negotiating prices with potential sellers
  • Assisting with the due diligence process
  • Assisting with the documentation and transfer processes in order to close successful transactions

Elm Capital provides services to professional clients only.

Primary Market Activity